The Wolverhampton Lectures of Physics


The further-Quantum Mechanics part of the Wolverhampton Lectures of Physics bring the theory to higher-dimensions, both in space (harmonic oscillator in 2D, hydrogen atom in 3D) and in phase-space (many-particle systems). It also introduces the main techniques to solve actual problems (variational principle, perturbation theory, etc.) and prepares the grounds for next year's Modern Physics where technological applications of the theory are studied.


  1. Quantum Mechanics in higher dimensions.
  2. The 2D Harmonic Oscillator.
  3. Ladder operators in spherical coordinates.
  4. Complete set of Commuting Observables.
  5. Schrödinger equation in polar coordinates.
  6. The Radial equation.
  7. Old quantum theory (Bohr's model of the atom).
  8. Modern theory of the hydrogen atom.
  9. Hydrogen Wavefunctions.
  10. Angular momentum in 3D. Quantum Algebra.
  11. Eigenstates and eigenvalues of angular momentum.
  12. Spin.
  13. Spin 1/2.
  14. Addition of spin.
  15. $n$ particles in 1D.
  16. Atoms & Chemistry.
  17. Solid state and condensed matter.
  18. Variational principle.
  19. Perturbation theory.
  20. Time-dependent hamiltonians.
  21. Berry phase.