Fabada Asturiana

The Fabada Asturiana is the signature dish from Asturias. It relies on large, sparky white (and pricy) beans known as Fabes de la Granja, stewed with the famous embutido asturiano, which is known as compango and includes chorizo, morcilla, panceta and lacón. It should be smoked, which confers to the dish a special and characteristic savor. Being a speciality from the North of Spain, it can also be found in a close variation in the South of France as the even more iconic cassoulet, although the later uses much smaller beans and a greater variation of meats.

It is simple but long to cook, as one should avoid breaking the beans, that are especially fragile (and big), so it should be cooked at low temperature, over 3 to 4 h, to avoid motion that could turn everything into mash (let alone under pressure cooking).