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Asturias, the kingdom of A and Ω, is the anchor of non-muslim Spain, as it never was fully conquered thanks to its remote location and mountainous landscapes. After upset Muslims blundered there (in the battle of Covadonga) trying to submit Pelayo for lack of invading the Franks, Asturias became the starting point for the reconquista.


Elena's parents bought a little house there. This is therefore a place we have plenty of occasions to explore. Asturias has everything: mountains (in particular the Picos de Europa) and sea, with the bit of the Atlantic ocean that borders it on the North known as, in Spanish, the mar cantabrico (Golfe de Gasgogne in French, Bay of Biscay in English). Its gastronomy includes cider and the Fabada Asturiana, but is also rich from cheese (especially the Cabrales), apples and honey.

Places of Interest

  • Los Tornos: Elena's parents' house.
  • Moreda: The closest sizable city.
  • Mieres: The closest large city.
  • Oviedo: The capital of Asturias, and closest important city.

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  1. Ojo del Buey.