The cocido is a typical dish from the Spanish gastronomy which, to our knowledge, is specific to the peninsula.


Its main ingredient is the Es.pnggarbanzos (chick peas), some meat (should be gallina, which is not pollo), Es.pngrepollo (cabbage) and other Spanish delicacies like morcilla.

The chick peas should be left in water overnight, possibly in the fridge, with thick salt.

Fill a cooking recipient with 2.5L of water, add the meaty-ingredients (morcillo [not the morcilla!], tocino, jamon, hueso), put to fire and when it starts to boil, remove the foam, add the chick-pea and keep removing the foam. Close with the olla expres and cook for 30 minutes when vapor starts to leak.

Peel the potatoes and carrots, and add to the olla, also with the bits from the gallina/chicken. Cover and cook for another 10 minutes.

The final steps consist in separating the meat in a dish to which we add the chorizos and morcillas. The cabbage is fried in a bit of olive oil and added to the chick peas, potatos and carrots. We strain the caldo and heat it to add fideos when it starts to boil, with 2 or 3 minutes cooking for thin enough pasta. That makes the first course.

Al finalizar el proceso, sacamos las carnes y las servimos en una fuente a la que incorporamos chorizos y morcillas. Rehogamos el repollo y lo ponemos en una fuente con los garbanzos, las patatas y las zanahorias. Para hacer la sopa, colamos el caldo y añadimos los fideos cuando el caldo empiece a hervir, siendo necesarios dos o tres minutos para los fideos finos tipo cabellín.