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Fabrice P. Laussy

I am Fabrice Pierre Laussy (Ru.png Фабрис Пьерр Лосси, Cn.png 洛熙).


I used to be French and was born from a BlasonCantal.png and a BlasonNormandie.png, 46.8 years ago in the city of Blaise Pascal.

I am a theoretical physicist, working mainly on strange (and raising stars) particles known as polaritons, that are a quantum mélange of light and matter.

For fellow physicists, you could say I work at the interface between quantum optics, semiconductor physics and condensed matter.

I am the Chair of Light-Matter Interactions and director of studies for Physics at the University of Wolverhampton, in Wulfruna's city, United Kingdom, since January (2017).

Before that, I was a RyC researcher (since June 2012) in the condensed matter theory division of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid where I led the group of Quantum Polaritonics. I was the theory principal investigator for the ERC PolaFlow funded by the European Union and based in Lecce in collaboration with Daniele Sanvitto. I was the Scientist in Charge of the project SQUIRREL. I have had post-doctoral experience in UK (Sheffield and Southampton), Spain & Germany (as a Marie Curie fellow).

I am also, or was at some point, a black belt in judo, a theatre actor (playing God as a favorite role), a video animator, a cook, an encyclopedist (not only for the wikipedia) and, overall, a collector of collections.

If this still does not tell you enough about me, you can get a fair idea by browsing my favorites or peeking at my publications.

Or are you may be looking for one of my blogs?

You can also no longer find me on Google+ at https://plus.google.com/+FabriceLaussy (What is Google+?)

«Mais si le Diable parle parfois, Dieu se tait, toujours. Il faut trouver les réponses seul.»
«Il n’est rien au monde que je vomisse autant que le pessimisme, qui représente à la fois, pour l’horreur de ma pensée, toutes les impuissances imaginables [...] Je n’estime que le courage sans mesure et je n’accepterai jamais d’être vaincu, - moi !»
«Tout homme qui dirige, qui fait quelque chose, a contre lui ceux qui voudraient faire la même chose, ceux qui font précisément le contraire et surtout la grande armée des gens, d'autant plus sévères, qu'ils ne font rien du tout.»


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