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Ramón y Cajal program

The Ramón y Cajal (RyC) program is a five-year position as a principal investigator in the Spanish scientific system. It used to be widely regarded as the position of prestige for young researchers in Spain. Even then, it was already noted for various shortcomings:

With the passing of the financial crisis, it is a now a sieve that retains mainly those disposed to ruin their Scientific career despite their potential—the grant remaining extremely competitive—by favoring a position in Spain (often for personal reasons) with a low salary and crippling conditions.

Fabrice got awarded his position on 28, June (2011) for which he started working on 1 June (2012) till 6 January (2017), at which date he resigned to take a principal lecturer position at the University of Wolverhampton.

Elena got awarded a position on 6 May (2013) and took it up on 15 December (2014).

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