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LAUSSY is Fabrice, Julia and Luz's family name.

Is is a French name originating from Cantal and is rare even there. I take it from my father (who himself took it from his) that its etymology might be from the Patois lou tchi (the dog, le chien in French). I've also heard from somebody else it was coming from la lause, a type of flagstone used for roofing in Cantal, where I have my family roots.


洛熙 is my Chinese name, as given to me by Xi Xin in June (2012), who writes it like this: Luoxi.png.

It is pronounced roughly as luò () xī () (see in another website or hear it directly from the source).

Appearances of the name

The name is rare but it still pops up once in a while. Here I collect the occurrences where I met it.

Maison Laussy

There is a maison Laussy in the Yvelines [3]. When my father was a child, his father inherited a property near Paris from a distant relative who had no direct successor. The house being too far from Cantal, he got it sold without even going there. Maybe this is this one? I have never heard the house was bearing our name! Only that it had been sold badly well below its price. My grandfather didn't like to be annoyed, not even by good fortune, and remained poor all his life.

Laussy édition

There once was a Laussy Édition, as testified by this nice picture of Chaussenac (Cantal) bearing the mention "Laussy, édit." on the bottom left [4]. It dates from 1932 and used some technique of the time for the colorization of the sky. It was done with mixed success with some misalignment. It is still a very nice shot, with the local shops and children pausing in the street.


You can also have a better view of the Chaussenac people by clicking here: Chaussenac-laussy-edition-detail.jpg.

Le Laussy

There is a building for shows and representation called le Laussy in Gières [5][6]. I do not know what this takes its name from, but apparently from an eponymous locality (street, house, etc.)

Piel Laussy

There is a shop of leather confection/retailing in Gijón (Asturias) called piel Laussy [7].

Laussy people

Although the name is extremely rare, there are—in a world burgeoning with about seven billion people [8]—many souls bearing it. A genealogy web site has some statistics which however looks grossly incomplete (see also [9]).

My family

The people I know personally are all from my own family tree, they are:


They may or may not be distant family. They are:

Antoine Laussy

The only Laussy officially «Mort pour la France», i.e., recognized as a war casualty. My great-grandfather Pierre, was denied this innocuous honour as he survived a couple of years before dying from poison gas sequela, although his son, Georges, got the status of Pupille de la Nation. Antoine engraved his name in the monument aux morts of Tourniac Antoine-laussy-mort-pour-la-france.jpg

Eugénie and Hélène Laussy

School children in Brageac, 1922-1923, from [10]. Number 16 (Hélène) and number 20 (Eugénie):

Mokowe elder Bakar Omar Laussy

A Mokowe elder Bakar Omar Laussy in Kenya, who says he and his community were displaced from their land during the 1963-67 Shifta war [11].

Claude (coco) Laussy

There was a famous bartender in Aurillac who made the news when retiring [12] and again when coming back on the flea market scene [13].

Elsewhere on the web
  • In Cantal: Corinne Laussy, public servant [14]; Jacky Laussy (in Pleaux) [15]; Claude Laussy (in Aurillac); Jean-Luc Laussy (in Aurillac), etc.
  • In or near Paris: Kevin Laussy, SNCF [16]; Julie Laussy (Gonçalves), secretary [17]; Catherine Laussy [18].
  • In or near New-York: Christian Laussy (perfumer), Charlotte Laussy, Clement Laussy, David Laussy and more.
  • Isabelle Laussy, [19] in Caen.
  • Ahmad Laussy [20] from Tanzania.
  • Unkown location: Clément Laussy (known as Clem) [21] (I suspect Cantal); Jean Luc Laussy [22]; Stefanie Laussy [23]; Paul Laussy...
  • There is also a woman called Laussy Morand, although it's not clear if as a firstname or nickname [24]
  • A charming British person, Laura Laussy, posts so-called keeks at http://www.keek.com/Laussy/keeks.

If you are/know one of these people, or someone not in this list, please get in touch with me. I would be delighted to know about you.

Fr.png Si vous êtes ou connaissez l'une de ces personnes, ou n'apparaissez pas dans cette liste, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Je serai ravi de faire votre connaissance.


There is something called Laussy somewhere at 227m of altitude [1].Screenshot 28-02-2020 144354.jpg

A Korean professor of Architecture, Stephen Siu Yu Lau (劉少瑜), signs by the name of Lau S.S.Y. [25]LauStephSIuYu.png

You get laussy if you merge lauren + kassyScreenshot 28-02-2020 144809.jpg [26], by playing (incorrectly) this 3+2 letters game [27] or, in my case, by taking the first two letters of your name and adding "ussy" after it.Screenshot 13-08-2020 162347.jpg4O0px

Strange tee-shirts in an unclear context that reminds me of the Ph. D students in our group [2]Screenshot 28-02-2020 144641.jpg.

You seem to be hearing laussy-laussy-laussy-... in the Night train of Einstein on the beach.