The campervan is one's escape to the Gipsies' way of life, the time of a holiday, when you turn your car into your house. This is one of the last recourse to bits of freedom that are left in the New World Order, where you can dispose of your time, of your best judgment and of your free will. We got one (Campercita) in the UK in period December (2019)November (2023), but had to let it go when we ourselves left the country. We are longing to get another one once we settle for good somewhere!

Es.png Es un coche-casita... Las furgonetas campers [1]



Before campercita:

  1. Our inaugural campervanning trip: Spain-France, Christmas 2018.
  2. Our 2nd campervanning trip: Eastern Spain, Easter 2019.

With campercita (trips including at least a night):

  1. Wolverhampton-Issoire (December 2019).
  2. Issoire-Madrid (January 2020).
  3. Madrid-Wolverhampton (January 2020).
  4. Staffordshire — Cannock chase, Shugborough, Sudbury, Uttoxeter... (January 2020).
  5. Ashby de la Zouche, Grantham & Woolsthorpe Manor (January 2020).
  6. Clent hills, Hanbury Hall & Himley park (February 2020).
  7. Shropshire: Wroxeter, Church Stretton, Caer Caradoc (February/March 2020).
  8. Sunnycroft & Lilleshall (March 2020).
  9. Puerto de la Quesera (July 200).
  10. Pueblos negros (July 2020).
  11. Zamora (July 2020).
  12. Vegacervera, Medina de Rioseco & Portillo (August 2020).
  13. Sierra del Segura (August 2020).
  14. Madrid-Issoire (July 2021).
  15. Issoire-Los Tornos (July 2021).
  16. MOT trip through Salibury, Bath & Bristol (Easter 2022).
  17. First night in la Pedriza (April-May 2022).
  18. Entrepeñas (May 2022).
  19. Puerto de Canencias (May 2022).
  20. Puente de los pollos (Mays 2022).
  21. Hans Fisher trip from Tres-Cantos to Munich by Issoire (June 2022).
  22. Hohe Kisten and Eibsee (July 2022).
  23. Mindelheim, Memmingen, Ottobeuren & Kaufbeuren (July 2022).
  24. Wasserburg and Haag in Oberbayern (June 2022).
  25. East Bavaria (August 2022).
  26. Isles of Man and Skye (Christmas 2022 & New Year 2023).
  27. Whitchurch, Beeston castle, Nantwich, Crewe and Sandbach (January 2023).
  28. Witley court and West-Midland Safari Park (February 2023).

Mini-trips (without a night, but some campervanning(!?)):

  1. Saint-Floret, on 25 December (2019).
  2. Grottes de Perrier et Montaigut-le-Blanc, on 28 December ( 2019).
  3. Murol and Lac Chambon, on 29 December (2019).
  4. Benthall Hall and Much Wenlock on 23 April (2023).

Prospective/possible trips

In England

Monday school (less than 2 hours to destination)
  1. Shropshire Hills (~1h)
  2. Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden (~1h)
  3. Cotswolds AONB (~1h40)
  4. Leicester (~1h40)
  5. Derby (~1h10)
  6. Notthingham (~1h40)
  7. Gloucester (~1h30)
  8. Abergele/Rhyle (~2h)
  9. Snowdownia (~2h)
  10. Bolsover, Brodsworth & Lancaster ~(2h)
3 days longer stretchs (less than 3h)
  1. Bath (~2h30)
  2. North York moors (~3h)
  3. Bridlington (Flamborough Headland Heritage Coast)
  4. Lincolnshire
Day trips
  1. Boscobel house and the Royal Oak + White ladies priory

In Spain

Week-end (one-night, less than 2 hours)
  • Hoces del Río Riaza Natural Reserve.
  • Chorrera de los Litueros - Las tres provincias.
  • Minas de plata de Horcajuelo
  • Castillo de Belimbre. [2]
Week-end (two-nights, less than 3 hours)
  • Tablas de Daimiel.
  • Far West Bilbilitano.
  • Castillo de Peñas Negras [3].
Long Week-end (two-nights, Leaving early Friday, less than 4 hours)
  • Alcala del Jucar.
  • Alto de la Mesa [4].

In Germany


Getting Should we get ours? (we did)



  • Fiat Talento

Benivan las hacen a la mitad del precio de VW:

En Madrid: ROULOT Avda. de San Martín de Valdeiglesias, km 2.2 28922 Alcorcón (MADRID) (+34) 916 11 10 03 (he preguntado)

La tienen en (he preguntado)

  • Nissan Primastar
  • Volkswagen Transporter t5, t6…)
  • Mercedes Vito

Mini o medianas

Modelos de micro camper

Segunda mano

Venta en Madrid


For the UK

  • The Park4Night app is really handy to have on your phone so you can find sites while already on the move.
  • Searchforsites is the web-based alternative, set up in the UK and covering Western Europe. It doesn’t have quite as many sites but it does have good functionality and is good for advance planning.
  • for more tips.