The Starnbergersee is the lake of Starnberg, and the most famous of the big Bavarian lakes within the public-transport reach of Munich (the other is the Ammersee). The best view is from Starnberg where, although a lake does not really start anywhere, in this particular case, one finds its obvious beginning. The lake is also famous for Berg where king Ludwig II was found dead, in the shallow waters of the lake, most probably assassinated. It has a lot of "Schloss" and beautiful villas on the shores.

Nearby, one can also find the Bismarckturm, honoring the Reich idea of Germany. The monument is interesting in particular for the many sculptures adorning its sides (war and peace on opposite sides).

First time inside the lake, and walking along

A one-day visit on 21 August (2022), with a copious meal at the Biergarten (Buchscharner Seewirt) and much bathing: our first time in this lake. We walked along to see a few castles of interest, that one could not visit inside (they're hotels) but make for splendid sights perched on the shore of the lake.