Visit of Elena's parents (August 2012)—Part 2

Part 1 - a loop to Baden-Württemberg · part 2 - The klamms · part 3 - Czechia

We had planned an excursion to the Bavarian Alps, initially targeting the Karwendel. As we draw close to the place, however, it appeared that while most peaks were clear, the Karwendel itself was in the clouds. We decided it would be too bad to go that up to only see the fog, so we went for the lower hills and the gorges instead.

The Partnachklamm

More pictures can be found in our Bavarian alps collection.

The cable car to the Ekbauer is old and thus completely opened (although apparently equally safe than the more modern ones). Apparently you can even order a Weißbeer and Weißwursts for the ride. We had the beer in a Biergarten with a lovely scenic alpish meadow grazing the forest itself covering the mountain, discussing mainly about how bad is tourism and what is left of such a place with a constant flow of people raiding it from morning to dusk.

The Leutaschklamm

More pictures can be found in our Bavarian alps collection.

The Leutasch version is more majestic, more colourful, more shiny and open than the Partnach one. It also combines in one walk all the sensations you get on the other side of the frontier, crossing two impressive bridges hung in the air.

Part 1 - a loop to Baden-Württemberg.
Part 3 - Czechia.