Río Manzanares

The Manzanares is the river that flows through Madrid, although unlike in other capitals or major conurbations where the river is the main artery that irrigates the heart and/or the head of the city, in Madrid, the river is outcast on a flank, in the correspondingly called Madrid Río park, which, although itself a majestuous area, is not even the main park (this is el Retiro instead).

Indeed, the Manzanares acquires its most spectacular and reputable expression not in the country's capital, but in the mountains where it is born, in particular as it flows through la Pedriza.


Past Madrid, it merges with the Jarama, itself a tributary to the Tagus.


ManzanaresEs.png means apple tree orchardUk.png (vergers de pommiersFr.png), although we have never seen any manzano in its vicinity. The origin of the name is unclear. There are many places named similarly, apparently from the river itself, although the exact connections are also unclear to us. Such places include: