Mathematica is a computational engine. It is probably the closest tool we have to an effective universal computer in its broadest sense.

Applets (Wolfram Demonstrations)

  1. Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics with Bosons: Emission Spectra in the Strong and Weak Coupling Regimes, Fabrice P. Laussy and Elena del Valle, 7 March (2011).
  2. Mollow Triplet, Elena del Valle and Fabrice P. Laussy, 9 December (2013).
  3. Polarized Polariton Fields on the Poincaré Sphere, 12 February (2015).
  4. Rabi and Josephson Oscillations, Amir Rahmani and Fabrice P. Laussy, 11 April (2016).
  5. Polariton and Jaynes-Cummings Blockade, Eduardo Zubizarreta Casalengua, Juan Camilo López Carreño, Fabrice P. Laussy and Elena del Valle, 18 January (2019).


Mathematica is the pinacle of Wolfram research, the company built by Stephen Wolfram, initially to develop Mathematica, now with extended ambitions in various areas of computational interest (see a new kind of science and Wolfram|Alpha as other major examples).

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