Eduardo Zubizarreta Casalengua

Eduardo is a theorist who did his two PhDs with us (one with Fabrice, the other with Elena), on the foundations of quantum mechanics (in a quantum optics setting). He currently is working as a Post. Doc. in the group of Kai Müller at the TUM in Garching.

He is possibly the best Mathematician with whom we worked to date, solving analytically various problems which have puzzled us for years, such as the nature of the circles of antibunching in the two-photon correlation spectrum of the Mollow triplet.


We met him as an Universidad Autónoma de Madrid's student, who did his TFG (Trabajo de Fin de Grado) with us in late 2015, with extraordinary success since his research and results were good enough to go far beyond his "report" for a panel of internal examiners, to challenge established knowledge and constitute a full publication (in the Journal of Mathematical Physics). A preprint can be found at arXiv:1607.03976. Strong from his success and interest, Eduardo joined our group for his Master and then later a PhD, which has been predominantly so far on polariton blockade, culminating with the unification and classification of a wide family of antibunching from resonantly excited quantum sources. He is also a professional bass player, whence his nickname, lebassman.