Our emails are:

These are the defaults, regardless of other directions you may find to get in touch with us (?!)

Fp.laussy.jpg My first email ever was

It later become, and then I passed through something like a dozain of other directions, free, yahoo, univ-bp, sheffield, uam, soton, tum, uam again, etc.

My first email linked to a so-called permanent (?!) position is Time will show if that is more permanent than the others.


Gmail.png is great (as is most of Google) and this is the provider we use. Fp.laussy.jpg I run it since 27 February (2007).

Screenshot 16-06-2020 135231.jpg


See this link and/or read this blog post on how to make space in Gmail.


If (when) a Labs feature breaks, and you're having trouble loading your inbox, there's an escape hatch. Use


Beyond the web interface, which is okay although not that great, it is useful to have a more powerful application. We like Kmail, the KDE default. For years now we have been using the web application directly, which is good enough.