m (Past and future:)
m (Past and future:)

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News 2014

You can also browse our news archives if you're interested in old news as well as new news.

Past and future:

  1. (28-31 May): We give two Invited talks at the International Conference on Problems of Strongly Correlated and Interacting Systems in St Petersburg.
  2. (24 March): Violation of classical inequalities by frequency filtering by Carlos Sanchez et al. on arXiv:1403.6182.

Elena's news

  1. (22-24 January) I give and invited talk at the VIII Reunión Bienal del Grupo Especializado de Estado Sólido (GEFES 2014) in Ciudad Real.
  2. (1 March) Beginning of the Project SQUIRREL (Sensing QUantum Information coRRELations).
  3. (15-19 March) I visit Imperial College as part of my Newton Fellowship follow-up.

Fabrice's news

  1. (20 January) I start my Complex analysis course at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Aula 01.11.AU.201-5.
  2. (7 February) With the arrival of Juan Pablo and Guillermo, Our group is now complete.
  3. (7-11 July) I participate to the 10th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications in Madrid, speaking of "Propagation of polariton wavepackets" in the Special Session on Nonlinear Schrodinger equations and its applications.


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