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Working with me

If you have an interest in working under my supervision, be it for a summer internship, master thesis, Ph. D, etc., you are most welcome to apply, however, as I receive a lot of such requests (many, no doubt, from mass-emails), please consider the following crucial issues before we both give it further consideration:

  1. As of now, you will have to arrange your own funding.
  2. I will need to speak with you, face to face.
  3. If for some reason, we cannot meet face to face, I will ask you to work out a research problem, first.

If the terms above do not suit you, I am unfortunately not able to consider your request any further.

If point 2 applies, ask me by email for a convenient meeting time.

If point 3 applies, please require the problem in question. You can as well tell me a topic of particular interest, if any. I can consider only applications for theory.

Passed these points, if relevant, I will do all my best to accommodate you with the possibility to work together.

Best regards,