Wavefunction collapse at the Noches de los (muy jovenes) Investigadores (2016)

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This year's European Research Night in Madrid (see [3]) was oriented to the very young public (at least this is how the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid understood it [4], and indeed a good fraction of the audience consisted of children).

Our group, that is generously funded by the EU, participated this year again to this event (see here for our last year input), this time with Elena, Carlos & Camilo impersonating herself, Schrödinger & Newton, respectively, to explain the "collapse of the quantum wavefunction" (see what Wikipedia says about that).

Explaining to young people a concept that is still not very well understood by the most experts in the field is a real challenge. This was brilliantly tackled with things that really collapse when probed hard enough: balloons.

This was, this year again, successful, as it gathered a large public composed of very different people, of all ages but also of all background, and who expressed a strong interest, some people apparently even assisting to several sessions. While in the back to take some of the pictures we display below, I overheard an academic-looking person withdraw from the show to call on her phone and express enthusiastically "Estoy aquí con gente que está explotando balones para hacer un colapso de la función de onda, tienes que venir y ver esto!" (en). This is a gallery of the event.