Lastres de Mujer animation

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Elena and Julia made a video-clip for Lastres de Mujer, one of Elena's songs (you can see it here). It consists of stop-motion animation of some of Julia's drawings that she arranges in a book. We shot pictures in rafales that we turned up into a movie following these simple steps.

First, we cut the song in several parts for which we measured the duration, then we selected pictures from our photoshoot so as to have roughly the same fps for the various bits. We resized the images to 1400px width (in the aspect ratio of the camera). We autowhited them using the same procedure as for the Vals del Vampiro. At this point it differed from this previous case, since we used kdenlive rather than ffmpeg, since the fps is quite slow and so to have more control of the frames and their transitioning, especially their duration for one critical moment where we freeze the animation.

Kdenlive is a great program, so it was fairly easy to do: we put all the files in the project bin and then into the timeline, along with the song. We tuned the duration within the project file (with Emacs):

emacs lastres.kdenlive

namely, in the bottom part, starting with this:

 <playlist id="playlist4">
  <blank length="00:00:01.400"/>
  <entry producer="producer1" in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:00.880">
   <property name="kdenlive:id">2</property>
  <entry producer="producer0" in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:00.880">
   <property name="kdenlive:id">3</property>
  <entry producer="producer4" in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:00.880">
   <property name="kdenlive:id">4</property>

we replaced all the in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:00.000" to in="00:00:00.000" out="00:00:00.880" (M-x Replace-String). Then from within kdenlive, we fine-tuned, dropping frames, changing durations, adding some, etc. Then a normal rendering.