Out of darkness cometh light.

Wolverhampton is the hampton of Wulfrun, and the place in the West Midlands, England, where we (mainly Fabrice) live since January (2017), date at which Fabrice took up his position of Director of Studies for Physics at the University of Wolverhampton. This is where Luz was conceived and lived the first months of her intra-uterine life, before our covid escape.


It is nearby Birmingham (the big local city, in fact, UK's second) and Telford (UK's fastest growing city) and not too far from Shrewsbury, Worcester, Stafford and Coventry. Almost as close are Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester and Liverpool. It is not even far from London (less than 2 hours).

It is one of the three millennium cities (along with Brighton and Inverness [1]) and the first town in Britain to introduce automated traffic lights (in 1927), in Princes Square, at the junction of Lichfield Street and Princess Street. Charlie Chaplin, who might be of black country origin, made his debut as a pageboy in a Sherlock Holmes story in the city theatre (the Grand), where also Churchill held a meeting (in 1909) that got disrupted with stink balls by local suffragettes. The city was home to a few history-making people, including a Nobel prize in chemistry (Arthur Harden) and the first signature on the Declaration of Independence on the 4th July 1776 (Button Gwinnett). The local football team, the Wolves, were the first English to play in the Soviet Union.


Saint Peter

The choir stalls are mid-15th century and come from the Lilleshall Abbey.


Wolverhampton has 21 locks on its canal (Birmingham Main Line canal). All of the Locks, the cottages at Broad Street and the railway viaducts are Listed structures and are part of the Wolverhampton Locks Conservation Area. The walk is about 2.8km.

WCC 1076 Locks Wolverhampton.jpg

Clubs and Activities

Ideas with Julia

  • Go to school by scooter
  • Painting in the West Park: Wolverhampton painting project (2019).
  • Singing and playing music
  • Put on some good raincoats and boats and enjoy walking in the rain
  • To the lighthouse to watch some movie/Arena Theatre to see a play
  • go to swim to the Uni swimming pool
  • go to the library

Cinema and Theatre




  • Uni (take membership): clases, Two under 16 years old can access the swimming pool with a Staff Wellbeing membership free of charge.