Sierra de Madrid

La Sierra de Guadarrama, commonly known as the Sierra de Madrid is the collection of mountains surrounding Madrid from the north, which was the reason why the Spanish capital was founded, by the Muslims, to survey the Sierra itself! It is part of the Sistema Central, where it sits between the Sierra de Malagón and the Sierra de Somosierra in its strictest definition but also includes them along with the Sierra de Aylón in its widest acceptation where it becomes the neighbour to the mighty Sierra de Gredos.


Hiking in la Sierra de Madrid is our main walking activity in Spain.



La Pedriza

La Pedriza is such an important part of the Sierra de Madrid that we have a dedicated page for it.

Places of interest:

  • El Yelmo.
  • Puente de los Pollos.
  • El Caliz.

Zona central

La Mujer Muerta

In Provincia de Segovia (La Pinareja, 2197 m).

Siete Picos

In Provincia de Segovia y Comunidad de Madrid (Siete Picos, 2138 m).

La Maliciosa and La Bola del Mundo

In Madrid (Maliciosa, 2227 m).

Cuerda Larga

In Madrid (Cabeza de Hierro Mayor, 2383 m).

Sierra de Malagón

In Ávila, Madrid y Segovia (Cueva Valiente, 1903 m).

Sierra de la Morcuera

In Comunidad de Madrid (La Najarra, 2122 m).

Sierra de Canencia

In Madrid (Mondalindo, 1831 m).

Sierra de la Cabrera

In Madrid (Cancho Gordo, 1564 m).