España (Spain)

"They have, there is no doubt, a generosity, a species of nobility, that do not really belong to the twentieth century."
Orwell on the Spanish people (?!).

Spain is the homeland of Elena and is one of the places where we live in these times of split lives.


These lands were subject to many external influences since prehistoric times and have been one of the great melting pot of races and cultures, particularly a blend of Moorish and Jewish, until it emerged as a modern state in the 15th century with the Catholic Monarchs and the completion of the Reconquista in the Annus Mirabilis 1492 where they also started a new era with the discovery and then conquest of a new world. The Spanish language became as a result one of the most important of the planet.



Autonomous Communities


Madrid and Barcelona are the two Spanish megalopolis, sometimes with a bit of antagonism.

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