wz is a MediaWiki extension I wrote to enable tooltips (or mouse rollover).

I rely for that on the best tooltips available on the web, those of Walter Zorn (see a photoWalterZorn.jpg).


Use the wz tag with an argument to tip that will be displayed over the encapsulated element:

<wz tip="That's ''that'' simple!">Roll over me!</wz>

Roll over me!

You can defer the tip to a tag using tagtotip instead of tip:

<wz tagtotip="tip">Roll over me!</wz>
<span id="tip">That's ''that'' simple!</span>

Roll over me! That's that simple!

This way you can make very complicated tooltips. In particular, you can wikify them! (including images, etc. For links, you'll need to wait that I implement the sticky option).

You can conveniently "tooltip" all sorts of things, such as images:

<wz tip="That's Walter on a quick 200km trip with his homebuilt
carbon lowracer. This guy is awesome.">[[Image:Kreuzot_ss.jpg‎]]</wz>

Kreuzot ss.jpg

A typical use is to tooltip a text with an image (e.g., of Walter) which you can do as follows: Walter-zorn.jpg

A typical use is to <wz tagtotip=waltershot width=426px>tooltip a text with an image
(e.g., of Walter)</wz> which you can do as follows:
<span id="waltershot">[[File:walter-zorn.jpg|426px]]</span>


  • Download the source tarball and uncompress in extension/wz/ directory.
  • This includes Walter Zorn's java script files. You need to declare them inside the HTML body section, typically by adding a line as follows in the php skin declarations (in the skin/ directory):

echo Html::linkedScript( '/extensions/wz/js/wz_tooltip.js' );

  • Add in your LocalSettings.php:


To do

  • Package as an extension to be realeased on Mediawiki.
  • Add support for image-maps (see here).

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