Ritual for setting up a KDE environment

These are the steps to follow to set up a kde environment, in more or less the order or urgency.

Virtual desktops

Can't live without this. Declare $4\times4$ in Settings then for Switching, first "Always Enabled" switching desktop on edge (0ms or minimum for everything, no animation) in Shortcuts KWin family such as:

  • Ctrl+(left,right,up,down): navigate through desktops (staying in the same row/column).
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+(left,right,up,down): navigate through desktops (seemingly)
  • Ctrl+Alt+(left,right,up,down): drag active window navigate through desktops.

The shortcuts are now to be found in KWin's Global Shortcuts.

Screenshot 20210410 115851.png

To zoom in/out, go in Desktop Behaviour, and select Desktop Grid with shortcut Alt+E. Remove fading for both desktop & windows.

Window Behavior

  • Focus follows mouse (mouse precedence)
    Delay focus by 0ms
  • Alt+Mouse Wheel => Raise/Lower.


  1. PRE Ctrl+Alt+P generates a <pre></pre> tag.
  2. spacehtml Ctrl+Shift+Space generates a  
  3. displaystyle Ctrl+Alt+D generated displaystyle (useful for Canvas)
  4. julia Ctrl+Alt+J generates a Julia snippet:
    <syntaxhighlight lang="python"></syntaxhighlight>
    which is actually python until I get support for julia.
  5. tt Ctrl+Alt+T generates a <tt></tt> tag
  6. wz Ctrl+Alt+W generates a wz <wz tip="">(?!)</wz> tag.
  7. wz-tip Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W generates a <wz tagtotip=></wz><span id=""></span> tag.
  8. bib Ctrl+Alt+B opens by bibTeX file.

They are all defined in this file which you can import.


I use this as the file browser (better than dolphin).

It has a lot of configurations in itself, most of them obvious. Maybe the most important is the web shortcut lw (for "laussywiki") that brings me to this website:\{@}&go=Go