Nilda Fernández

Quand les ombres seront sombres, quand je quitterai ce bal
Comme une fumée qui monte, viendras-tu avec moi?

Nilda Fernández is a FrenchSpanish composer-singer who was an icon of French popular songs in the 80s, and thus, a well-known acquaintance of Fabrice's youth. Although he is basically unknown in Spain, he is fluent in Spanish with perfect pronunciation (as in French, of course) and is a rare artist who brings together these two cultures, and two languages, together, in a genuine, deep way rather than in a superficial and trendy one, as is the case of most interpreters who typically struggle in getting their accent even basically decent.

Favourite songs:

  1. Nos Fiançailles (in Spanish).
  2. Les pieds sur terre (reminds one of a horse with no name).
  3. Madrid, Madrid.
  4. Pour la gloire.
  5. L'invitation à Venise.
  6. Viendras-tu avec moi?
  7. Entre Lyon et Barcelone.
  8. Pense à la France.
  9. Mes yeux dans ton regard.
  10. Mon Amour.
  11. Rendez vous manqué.
  12. Bellisima.
  13. Tour à tour.