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Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or

This is a Fabrice's childhood cartoon, that we use on this web to classify our featured articles.

Fp.laussy.jpg The ability to access the episodes from the Internet (this was ca. 2003) was one of the exciting phases of my interaction with this network, gaining the feel of accessibility, of the possibility to find and retrieve things that, before that, were to remain always out of reach. It allowed me to see episodes which I hadn't seen as a child, being, of course, disappointed by the ending and also experiencing how the evolution of tastes make the recourse to memories a futile attempt.

We also viewed the full séries with Julia during the covid confinement during our daily home-running routine, at the occasion of which she learned the main theme. The soundtrack, composed by Shuki Levy, is indeed one of the most interesting part of the work. See for instance the following:

  1. Chaos.
  2. Danger proche.
  3. Galion en vue.
  4. Grand condor.
  5. La Cité d'or.
  6. Le Rêve d'Esteban.
  7. L'Enfant du soleil.

There was also the narration by Jean Topard and the story as a whole had much appeal. I remember being petrified by fear in the episode where Esteban wakes up in the medical room of the Olmeques, in a mix of antique and modern worlds.

Trivia: This page was the first to undergo our featured articles classification with an honorable Wl2.png, the first Wl1.png was meant for the Wiener-Khinchin theorem instead, with which the full intent of such a classification started, but since the page was not saved, for development purposes, it went to The Wedding of Rocío and Daniele instead.