Guillermo del Valle Reboul

Guillermo del Valle Reboul (Guille) is Elena's younger brother.


He is the Author of a gripping thriller, Mar de Moscovia (in Spanish).

He is an accomplished musician specializing in percusions. In particular, he was the drums of Les Pompettes, among other groups.

He also played in the past with Bamboo dealers and the congas for the N'samblash band.

Samples from Guille's music

  • A solo with congas:



Les Pompettes


  • Les Pompettes in Clamores featuring the original compositions: Invención (excerpt), Arqueología, Tomo un solo and Arcoiris, as well as the all time classics: Istanbul (not Constantinople), Who's that knocking on my Door and Never come back to me (excerpt). Shot from our table in the famous Jazz Club on 2 November (2013).
  • Pompette Stomp—Fabrice's favourite of Les Pompettes—from the same concert as above in Clamores but recorded by professionals.