Les Pompettes

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Les Pompettes are the best group of Swing in Madrid. You can hear a sample of their performance (mostly original compositions) here, here or here.

We invited them to make a gig in Mayorcita, which they accepted. Live music on the roofs of the Plaza Mayor is a once in a lifetime experience. To top it all, they performed an original work, "Moneda". The video clip will take some time to emerge (update: you can now see it here), but we can show you some photos of this outstanding event.

It was raining slightly when they arrived which compromised the whole operation. However when it reduced to a gentle drizzle, they started to pose for the photo. And then, as if carried away by their own music, they started to play and sing and fill Madrid with harmony. They had to perform later in a bar somewhere else in Malasaña (?!) so it all lasted only one hour in total. To me, it appeared like five minutes. It was one of the most moving moments we lived in a place concentrated in exceptional ones.