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Einstein is the embodiment of the scientific genius, and sure enough, was a physicist. His main achievements are of course the special and general theory of relativity but he is also (or should be) famous for:


Einstein's main biographer, Abraham Pais, made the interesting comment that

In the remaining 30 years of his life he remained active in research but his fame would be undiminished, if not enhanced, had he gone fishing instead.

The ER=EPR conjecture makes Einstein's fame much greater than even envisioned by someone who dedicated his life to the character. In the last 20 years of his life, Einstein put forward two shattering concepts of modern physics (together with his assistant Nathan Rosen).

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Interestingly, they did not connect the one to the other: this was for Maldacena and Susskind to do.[1] The first (EPR) paper criticizes correlations between distant but entangled particles. Such correlations have been since shown to exist. Although Einstein, Podolky and Rosen did not believe them, because they would connect distant objects in a way not compatible with locality in relativity, they are now named after them. The second paper (ER) describes the possibility of connecting distant regions of spacetime through a "wormhole". Ironically, they did not entertain the possibility that one idea was the solution to the other problem.

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The CPAE (Collected Papers of Albert Einstein) attempts to make this list exhaustive. I have the following entries in my BibTeX file (meaning I have studied and probably cited these texts):

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  • Mein Weltbild (The most famous translation being "The World as I see it", but better still, its extended version by his first biographer [Seelig]: "Ideas and Opinions").

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