Daniel Walls

We wish to suggest a scheme which exhibits reduced quantum fluctuations and which should be observable with current experimental techniques. The scheme we refer to is resonance fluorescence from a two-level atom. This classic system has already been the source of one of the major triumphs of quantum optics—the observation of photon antibunching.
Reporting with Zoller squeezing in resonance fluorescence[1].

Daniel Frank Walls FRSNZ was a quantum optics theorist, PhD student of Roy Glauber and PhD advisor of Howard Carmichael, with whom he developed the master equation models for many important problems. He has been involved (with Carmichael) in the prediction that resonance fluorescence would produce antibunching[2] as well as (with Zoller) squeezing[1]. His papers are notable for a particularly limpid style. He died 57 years old from cancer.

Selected Papers


  • Royal Society's obituary with interesting information on the early theory of quantum optics, in particular antibunching in resonance fluorescence and Squeezed states' original (and better) name from Horace Yuen of two-photon coherent states (Yuen 1976) later rechristened by Caves.


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