Our contributions to the Wikipedia

Our most notable contributions to the Wikipedia are listed here.


My first contribution was on 24 July (2003) at 16:23, on the phase page, that still remain a modest article as of today.

My only contribution in 2005 in the English wikipedia was on the disambiguation page of Cornell, adding the Nobel prize physicist Eric Allin Cornell (so it was a slow Wikipedia year for me, in this language). I otherwise kept a small but nonzero rythm of participations, from minor edits to more substantial inputs.

I have created the following pages in the English Wikipedia:

  1. Polariton, July 2003.
  2. Quantum state, Id.
  3. Coherent state, Id.
  4. Fock state, Id.
  5. Lindblad equation, March 2004.
  6. Center of mass coordinates, Id.
  7. Edmund Germer, August 2004.
  8. Heinrich Geißler, Id.
  9. Martirio, June 2006.
  10. Evgeni Gross, April 2006.
  11. TeX Live, February 2007.
  12. The Cut (play), November 2008.
  13. The Dead Father, December 2009.
  14. MathJax, January 2010.
  15. Aguas de Amazonia, December 2011.
  16. Elías García Martínez, August 2012.
  17. Fuente del Ángel Caído, December 2013.
  18. Yasuhiko Arakawa, December 2014.
  19. Pizza Quattro Formaggi, April 2020.
  20. Jonathan Finley, September 2020.
  21. Kirill Kavokin, August 2021.

and in the French Wikipedia:

  1. Louis Bourdaloue, July 2004.
  2. Fourme de Rochefort, April 2005.