Phase 3

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I have been through phase 3: Sleep at 18:52, Wake at 19:17, Length of 0.4.

Still no difficulty to feel asleep. This time the waking up has been less easy, I have been a bit startled. I also woke up with slight headache, but nothing strong nor alarming, as I have them occasionally, albeit indeed when tired. Still I see it no ground to cancel what is still an experiment. I feel thrilled at the same time as experiencing new sensations and the added time this brings (particularly in forcing me to go to sleep, a sort of pomodoro technique which in the process compels me to complete certain tasks, for previously I would sluggishly loose big chunks of time always thinking I could go to bed a bit later; well, not anymore).

I also skimmed through experiences from other bloggers. It turns out the triphasic scheme which I have chosen is the less popular, which is a bit strange because it seems the easiest and the most practical. Some say it might not be effective, so this blog will have the added value on experiencing on that.

Of course the ultimate goal of any polyphasic sleeper is to go with the Uberman: six times 20 minutes, two hours sleep a day. This experience will serve as a background if I ever find the courage to try.