First try

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Today I will try polyphasic sleep.

I am an erratic sleeper. On the other hand, I am a good one, in the sense that I easily fall asleep when I want to. At the same time, I can sustain small amount or deprivation of sleep. My main and possibly only problem with the sleep process is getting awake, which I always find tortuous regardless of the amount of time I slept or of its quality.

I never tried to sleep under control and monitoring, not even in the monophasic phase (I tend to go to bed when I feel I need to and to wake up by myself). Putting some discipline into it is what I'll do from today onward, for some undetermined period of time. Also, I'll follow a polyphasic scheme, which means that I will break up the amount of time I sleep per day in several sub-sessions. I take advantage of the fact that Elena is in London visiting Imperial college for a few days to try that. Maybe I give up before she's back!

I decided to go for the Everyman scheme with two power naps, which mean one 4.5 hours major sleep episode complemented with two 20 minutes naps, for a total of 5.2 hour per day. Second entry of this blog will be early in the morning when I went through the first stage. Further records should track the feasibility and efficiency of this attempt.