Timelapse of a drawing

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Elena took various pictures of her drawing Maternidad and wanted to do a timelapse. This lists the steps to do so. The files did not have the same size format, so the first thing was to give them a common support, in this case, 800x800:

for f in *.jpg; do convert "$f" -resize 800x800 -gravity center -background "rgb(255,255,255)" -extent 800x800 ""${f%%.*}"-ss.jpg"; done

The alignment of the various images was made through hugin's tool align_image_stack:

align_image_stack -a aligned -C *jpg

This could make the best out of the shots she took, without particular care of uniformity, so the size and angle are slightly different. Should we repeat the process, the most important would seem to be at this stage where the picture of the work is taken.

Elena also wanted the animation to be vertical, so pictures had to be rotated:

for f in *.jpg; do convert -rotate 270 "$f" "rot-"${f%%.*}".jpg"; done

Turning into a movie was made with imagination (I couldn't install PhotoFilmStrip which might be better). We used the option 'Cross Fade' and Slide duration, Transition speed of varying combinations. Final speed was fine-tuned with kdenlive as well as the opening and closing image (getting rid of the annoying fading it puts by default when animating these slides).