Referencing figures by a label in mediawiki

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If you want to refer to images in Mediawiki the way you would in a $\mathrm{\LaTeX}$ document, you can use this cheap trick of mine... Say you have several figures, like this one:

Figure (1): Standard deviation of the average as function of the sample size.

And this one:

Figure (2): Distribution of a thousand mean of 10 numbers: experiment vs theory.

They are labelled automaticallya and you can refer to them later, e.g., this is shown in Fig. (1) and a particular case is featured in Fig. (2).

Let me Lorem ipsum you to win some space and let you click from far away (that's two paragraphs, see you on the other side):

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You can then click back to the mentioned figures, e.g., Figs. (1) and (2). That's not the most powerful and flexible you would wish, but that works well enough, for within the same page! (that is a big limitation, however).

That's the code:

<small>Figure \ref{fig:1}:
Standard deviation of the average as function of the sample

And this one:

<small>Figure \ref{fig:2}:
Distribution of a thousand mean of 10 numbers: experiment vs