Spanish manifestation for dignity (22M)

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These are some pictures I took earlier today of Las Marchas de la dignidad (the walks for dignity) in Madrid.

Last time I went to such a protest was already over one year ago (the so-called 23F) and it could have been the same day today. Nothing seems to have changed one way or the other, that is to say, while clearly nothing has progressed, nothing appeared to have worsened ever, although factually the situation is indeed worst. There have been some moving moments: when the Asturians arrived, when the crowd was cheering for the firemen, as far as I am concerned, almost anytime that someone passed by and that I could capture their expression to make it the memory I will keep of the Spanish people... Overall, however, it still felt we are at the point where nothing serious is set in motion. Hopefully, I will be wrong and before it gets corrupted, a revolution will nevertheless starts.

So I took more pictures of the Spanish people, who were coming from many parts of the countries in long walks that finished in the Paseo del Prado, the usual itinerary: from Atocha to Colon. Probably not everybody captured below belonged to the protest (I did not really myself), some could have just been walking through. In fact, one couple of guys weirdly dressed, most definitely did not. One was like a caricature of a capitalist from a movie, the other like his thinly camouflaged bodyguard. They passed by looking extremely pissed off, especially the flashy colored one, as if he was a banker and that all this noise in the street really mattered, after all.