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Mierdo is one of the street artists performing in the Plaza Mayor, the clown with a black nose.

Also known as the sound alchemist (el alquimista del sonido) for his performance on the big square, he regularly gives an interactive act with the public in two parts: an interpretation of the Blue Danube by Strauss and the setting for a theatrical kiss. There is a video on his YouTube channel capturing some iconic Mierdo moments.

We like the character since he always make us laugh one way or the other whenever we catch one of his performances, even if from our roof (it is not uncommon for one of us to mention to the other, hearing his whistle: "hmm, looks like Mierdo started a show").

We went through the whole act a couple of time and although the main lines are rather well settled down, he is always fun to look at, for his direct style with the public, his brutal confrontation ("¿Sois guiris?" to a group of middle-age blond Spanish women not responsive enough), his dark humor despite a strict adherence to pure clownishness, the charisma of his facial expression, even in disguise, the sexual tension throughout the kiss act with the promise of a kiss that nobody is sure is not actually delivered, his overall style and something else I cannot put a finger on. There are plenty of artists on the Plaza Mayor, some of them exceptional and of worldwide fame (such as the fat spiderman) but Mierdo is definitely the most endearing, because the white glasses, the black nose and the frozen eyebrow expression magnify more than they disguise, a creative, original and open-hearted artist.

The Internet tells us that his real name is Fausto Ansaldi, born in Argentina on 16 December (1974), father of two, he lives in Madrid where he performs with the troup la Llave Inglesa, whose leader is, apparently, a neighbor of us.