Georges Bernanos


Bernanos was a French writer and essayist, a witness in the sense of Gheorgiu, a convinced Catholic, a leftist nationalist, a right-wing anarchist, he is the greatest contemporary French political thinker, conversing directly with the cosmos («Sous le soleil de Satan» and «Les grands cimetières sous la lune» are masterpieces already for their titles), who foresaw the biggest challenges of the societies of his and of the future times, a deeper and less-versed in fiction version of Orwell. For a physicist, you could say he is truth to all orders of perturbation theory, which leads to apparent contradictions to the typical (first-order) superficial thinking. For instance, at a time when it was obvious to everybody that the Soviet system was malefic and tyrannous, although his natural political inclination should have brought him to comfort this view, he was instead already aware that the American way-of-life, based on automation, industrialism and technology, was the real danger. Today, communism does not exist anymore, and we have still not fully entered into the age of the machine, which he had already understood as if he was there himself, half-centuries before the internet, before AI and other things still to come but that seem to have been revealed to this man whose spirituality was of a tangible nature.


Henri Guillemin gave several conferences on Bernanos, one being recorded here (1974).