Berlin is gloomy, cold, and the streets are full of hate.
— a Berliner (and personal acquaintance.)


Berlin is the capital of Germany, and one of the cities with such an exceptionally tragic history, that it invites each one of us to feel like ein Berliner.


  • 6 December (2010), invited by Prof. Andreas Knorr and our good colleagues Alexander Carmele and Julia Kabuss, to give a seminar at the Technische Universität Berlin.
  • 4 April (2011), to participate at the conference PLMCN 11.
  • 19 August (2011), as part of our Humboldtian trip around Germany.
  • 1 December (2011), invited by Alexander Carmele to participate to the workshop Memory-effects in solids.
  • 2 June (2013), Humboldt annual meeting.