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News 2011

Past and future.

  1. (25-28 May) Visit of Daniele Sanvitto.
  2. (9-10 May) We participate in the International Conference "Quantum Technology" at the Deutsches Museum in Munich.
  3. (19 April) Climbing the Jaynes-Cummings ladder by photon counting on arXiv (1104.3564).
  4. (4-8 April) We participate in the PLMCN11 conference in Berlin with two talks.
  5. (16-20 March) We participate in the MIFP March Meeting in Rome with two talks.

Elena's news

  1. (1 August) I start the Humboldt Fellowship.
  2. (3 July) Spanish concert with my choir Vokal Total.
  3. (6 June-29 July) I do intensive German course supported by my Humboldt Fellowship
  4. (15 May) Concert with my choir Vokal Total.
  5. (23 March) End of my Newton International Fellowship.
  6. (15 March) I am awarded an Alexander Humboldt Fellowship to work in the group of Prof. Michael Hartmann in Munich.

Fabrice's news

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