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Past and future.

  1. (25-30 July) We participate to the 30th ICPS in Seoul (two talks).
  2. (21-26 June) We participate to the 18th International Symposium Nanostructures: Physics and Technology in Saint-Petersburg (two talks).
  3. PLMCN10.jpg
    (12-16 April) We participate to the PLMCN10 conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico (one invited talk, one poster).
  4. (19 March) Our paper Effect of pure dephasing on the Jaynes-Cummings nonlinearities by A. Gonzalez-Tudela et al. is published as Opt. Express 18, 7002 (2010).
  5. (16 February) We attend the Newton International Fellowship Day in Carlton House Terrace, London, where Elena presents a poster.
  6. (5 January) Our paper Two-photon lasing by a single quantum dot in a high-Q microcavity, by del Valle et al., is published as Phys. Rev. B 81, 035302 (2010).
  7. (4 January) Our papers Quantitative Description of Strong-Coupling of Quantum Dots in Microcavities by Laussy et al. [1] and Observation of Quantum Hydrodynamic Effects in Microcavity Polaritons by Amo et al. [2], presented and featured at the ICPS 28 conference, are finally published after two years of delay (the time it took the editors of this huge conference to chase all the referees and authors).
  8. (January) Our paper Anticrossing in the PL spectrum of light–matter coupling under incoherent continuous pumping, by Gonzalez-Tudela et al., is published as Superlatt. Microstruct., 47 16 (2010).

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