National Trust

The national trust is a conservation organization operating in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to which we are members since 28 April (2018). We used to be members of the English heritage in our Southampton time and greatly appreciated it, lamenting a bit when a site we wanted to visit, such as Stourhead, was a National Trust place instead (for a while this was the opposite until we decided to be members of everything).


Sites we visited since our membership

  1. Wightwick manor on 28 April (2018).
  2. Boffis castle on 4 May (2019).
  3. Llanerchaeron on 6 May (2019).
  4. Hardwick Hall on 9 August (2019).
  5. Kinver Edge and the Rock Houses on 8 January (2023).

We do not count the coastal path, natural reserves, etc., although membership waves you the parking fee.


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