Modern Love Waltz

Modern Love Waltz is a favourite composition for the piano by Philip Glass.

The best version (to my taste) is the underrated one by Nicolas Horvath.

It has much more emotion and interpretation than the usual renditions, which are mechanical, cold and rigid. This might have been the intention of the composer, who may have pursued a "modern", clockwork-orangy feeling. But Horvath's interpretation, which is, in stark contrast, full of waves, piano-forte and passion, makes the piece (again, in my humble opinion) so highly above the others as to render these almost amateurish, in comparison. This is a strange feeling because I also like very much the other interpretations, but this is like comparing greatness with perfection. If you managed to read till this point, may I suggest you listen to the list below skipping the first one over, and listening to it last. This should give you the kind of "shock" I had when I stumbled upon Horvath's version, after much familiarities from the other versions.

by Nicolas Horvath

by Jeroen Van Veen

A slow, mechanical (typewritter style) interpretation, which maybe is the standard for this song:

by Steffen Schleiermacher

Similar in style to Jeroen Van Veen but much faster, also with a bit more passion.

by Aleck Karis

More passion but still rhythmed by the mechanical interpretation, probably sought by the composer.

by Jeremy Limb

More dancing.

by Branka Parlić

by Andrew Chubb

by Alessandra Celletti

Closer to Horvath's style, but slower.

by Eric Moe

Very fast!

by Coversart ==

arrangement by Robert Moran

In a category of its own, to very nice effect.

by Iowa Percussion

With marimbas, giving it a touch of Aguas de Amazonia. Arrangement also by Robert Moran.

by Miloš Katanić

for accordion & cello, still by Robert Moran.

by Olivia Belli

Toy piano by Margaret Leng Tan with strings

A home recording (Franco Meoli)

A home recording (star3xpress)

by Synthesia (midi)