Mathematica colours

Mathematica has a rather extensive support for colors, but more often than not, it needs tinkering with.

We like to use the SunsetColors color scheme:


A more serious and clear scheme is to blend between red and blue with white as an intermediate. We use this for convention for bunching/antibunching (white is uncorrelated):

ColorFunction -> (Blend[{White, Blue, Red}, #] &)

This module exports a list of n colors distributed along the gradient:

lcol[n_] := 
 Module[{}, Table[ColorData["SunsetColors"][i], {i, 0, 1, 1/(n - 1)}]]

A blending of colors can be done with blend, e.g., that generates a smooth transition from red to blue in n steps:

Table[{Blend[{Red, Blue}, x]}, {x, 0, 1, 1/(n+1)}]

In ListPlot, to have points (markers) have the same color as the lines (which should be the default), add:

PlotMarkers -> Graphics@{Point[{0, 0}]