Hay en estas esquinas un rumor...

Mad Rush

for those who are interested in the Tibetan iconography of Tibetan Buddism, you might think of it as the play of the wrathful and peaceful deities...

I was asked to compose a piece of somewhat indefinite length said Philip Glass remembering his performance for the first public appearance of the 14th Dalai Lama in New York City, not actually a problem for me [1].

This song, never to be finished, is of infinite beauty. It is called Mad Rush:

[Mad Rush] demonstrates Glass's turn to more traditional models: the composer added a conclusion to an open-structured piece, Wikipedia tells us [2], which, it continues with the words of Steffen Schleiermacher "can be interpreted as a sign that he [had] abandoned the radical non-narrative, undramatic approaches of his early period.

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