Known errors in our work

Every page brings me hundreds of opportunities to make mistakes and to miss important ideas.
Donald Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming, Fascicle 1.


(2012) Generation of a two-photon state from a quantum dot in a microcavity under incoherent and coherent continuous excitation

Proceedings of SPIE 8255, 825505 (2012)

Only the Hamiltonian term coupling the cavity to the H-polarised quantum dot state should appear in Eq. (1). That is, Eq. (1) should read:

$$H_\mathrm{dot-cav} = \omega_\mathrm{X}\big(|\mathrm{V}\rangle\langle\mathrm{V}|+|\mathrm{H}\rangle\langle\mathrm{H}|\big)+(2\omega_\mathrm{X}-\chi)\mathrm{B}\rangle\langle\mathrm{B}| +\omega_a a^\dagger a + g\big[a^\dagger (|\mathrm{G}\rangle \langle\mathrm{H}|+|\mathrm{H}\rangle \langle\mathrm{B}|)+ \text{h. c.}\big]$$

(2011) Generation of a two-photon state from a quantum dot in a microcavity

New J. Phys. 13, 113014 (2011)

In page 8, last paragraph the equation $$L_\mathrm{I}+L_\mathrm{II}\approx2\langle a^{\dagger2}a^2\rangle$$ should read $$L_\mathrm{I}+L_\mathrm{II}\approx2\int_0^{\infty}\,\langle a^{\dagger2}a^2\rangle(t)dt$$ as the dynamics are always time integrated.

(2011) Regimes of strong light-matter coupling under incoherent excitation

Phys. Rev. A 84, 043816 (2011)

An $i$ is missing in Eq. (10c), so these coefficient should read:

$$L_{\pm}+iK_\pm=\frac{\frac{8\Omega_\mathrm{L}^2}{\gamma_\sigma(\gamma_\sigma+\gamma_\phi)}\big[1 \pm i \frac{5\gamma_\sigma-\gamma_\phi}{4 R_\mathrm{L}}\big]-\frac{\gamma_\sigma-\gamma_\phi}{\gamma_\sigma+\gamma_\phi}\big[1\pm i\frac{\gamma_\sigma-\gamma_\phi}{4R_\mathrm{L}}\big]}{4\big(1+\frac{8 \Omega_\mathrm{L}^2}{\gamma_\sigma(\gamma_\sigma+\gamma_\phi)}\big)}$$

(2010) Strong and weak coupling of two coupled qubits

Phys. Rev. A 81, 053811 (2010)

Lower transitions (and operators) in the four level system (see for instance Fig. 2(a)) are referred to as $l_1$ and $l_2$ up to Eq. (58) where I inadvertently changed notation to $d_1$ and $d_2$. They should have been $l_1$ and $l_2$ throughout.

Also, in Fig. 11, the parameters $\gamma_2$ and $P_1$ together with the accompanying arrows, should be exchanged in position: $\gamma_2$ should appear in the right hand side and $P_1$ in the left hand one.

(2010) Anticrossing in the PL spectrum of light-matter coupling under incoherent continuous pumping

Superlattices and Microstructures 47, 16 (2010)

A minus sign is missing in Eq. (3), it should read:

$$\Delta \omega_O=2g\Re\Big\{\sqrt{\sqrt{\Big(1+\frac{P_b}{P_a}\Big)^2-4\frac{\Gamma_+}{g}\Big(-\frac{\Gamma_b}{2g}+\frac{P_b}{P_a}\frac{\Gamma_-}{g}\Big)}-\frac{P_b}{P_a}-\Big(\frac{\Gamma_b}{2g}\Big)^2}\Big\}$$

(2010) Microcavity Quantum Electrodynamics (VDM Verlag)

Eq. (2.62) should read:


Eqs. (2.46) should read:

$$\sigma(\sigma^\dagger)^\mu\sigma^\nu =(-1)^\mu(1-\nu)(\sigma^\dagger)^\mu\sigma^{\nu+1}+\mu (\sigma^\dagger)^{\mu-1}\sigma^\nu $$

$$(\sigma^\dagger)^\mu\sigma^\nu\sigma^\dagger=(-1)^\nu(1-\mu)(\sigma^\dagger)^{\mu+1}\sigma^\nu+\nu (\sigma^\dagger)^\mu\sigma^{\nu-1}$$

Eq. (3.67) is missing a minus sign, as in the published paper above, so that it should read:

$$\Delta \omega_O=2g\Re\Big\{\sqrt{\sqrt{\Big(1+\frac{P_b}{P_a}\Big)^2-4\frac{\Gamma_+}{g}\Big(-\frac{\Gamma_b}{2g}+\frac{P_b}{P_a}\frac{\Gamma_-}{g}\Big)}-\frac{P_b}{P_a}-\Big(\frac{\Gamma_b}{2g}\Big)^2}\Big\}$$

Shortly after this equation, in the next paragraph, the in-line equation of the direct exciton emission splitting should read: