World War III


The official dates and circumstances of WWIII will (if it can) be decided after the events. It is my Fp.laussy.jpgthat is, Fabrice's. belief, however, that we have let ourselves be dragged irremediably into it already, whether the official date will pre-date or not the one at which I start to document some of the events, which I myself assigned to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (on 24 February (2022)).

The most difficult part of the observer, especially one that is directly involved to any extent, is to remain objective. This implies not taking a side, at least not automatically and against evidence, reason and "truth". In fighting one's urge to compensate for one's attraction to one version of the story, it often is the case that the accounts get too much tampered down in their support of the more justified side and boosted in favor of the guilty one: the exact opposite of propaganda which demonizes and caricature its opponent and exonerate and idealize its allies, up to their crimes.

I am trying to find a just middle in my accounts of the events. A more detailed version can be found in my Blog. A summary of the most important lines is that the Occidental block—meaning the sphere of influence of the United States (Europe, Australia and other satellites)—bestowed upon themselves a moral superiority, justified by their financial, political and military superiority, which are of course very different things.

This turned from problematic to World-War material when the actual superiority started to decline and the moral compass had to be forced into the direction that justifies actions to preserve dominance in economic and geopolotical matters. That led to the Orwellian Newspeak unfolding the events for us, with atrocities being described as good things. For me, the wake-up call was probably the gruesome demise of Gaddafi turned into a victory of democracies, but the same tendency definitely dates back to the Second World War, maybe one can date it with the Operation Unthinkable (that would have turned into WWIII if it had been applied and can serve as the starting point for the next one instead).

Main Points

The Occident has no moral superiority. Its crimes are i) not justifiable and ii) incite other blocks to mimic them in the pursuit of their own objectives. The Occidental superiority in other aspects has to be fought for on fair grounds, or, unfortunately, conceded to emerging powers. Most likely, influence has to be shared and a multipolar World order should emerge, and would even be desirable for everybody's prosperity.

The other alternative is to enforce superiority by brute force, but this is a short-term solution that will, in any case, i) lead to atrocious humanitarian and civilizational consequences and ii) probably not even work out, leading to, in addition of defeat, even to harsh submission of the Occident by new powers in the aftermath of a global conflict.

World War III should thus be avoided by all possible accounts, not least because it is unlikely that the Occident will even win it. Past History is shouting at us that the imperialist attitude of "our block" is doomed to pathetic failure. Occidental populations are also—although not yet the primary—victims of warmongering.