Serge Reynaud

Serge Reynaud is a Professor at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel and Collège de France, working on quantum fluctuations (Casimir) and relativity (including gravitational waves).


He interests us in particular for his pioneering contributions in quantum optics together with Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, with (or for) whom he introduced the "dressed atom picture".[1] His probability approach, based on the waiting time distribution (which he calls himself the "delay function"), provides powerful techniques to describe the emission. His work with Dalibard on detuned resonance fluorescence[2] also inspired many experiments and theoretical works of prime interest for us. We met him at the MULTIPHOTONICS (2024) workshop.


  • Webpage (including lots of lecture notes and introductory articles).


  1. La fluorescence de résonance: étude par la méthode de l'atome habillé. S. Reynaud in Annales de Physique 8:351 (1983).
  2. Correlation signals in resonance fluorescence: interpretation via photon scattering amplitudes. J. Dalibard and S. Reynaud in J. Phys. France 44:1337 (1983).