The Neuschwanstein castle is one of the most beautiful and most famous castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Ludwig built it to overhang over his father's own castle, in an area of stupendous beauty. He died before he could move in. The Tegelberg, the mountain on the flank of which the castle is perched, can be climbed after crossing the Marienbrücke, offering a series of scenic spots over the area and the castle in particular, in all the seasons of the year (maybe Autumn is prettiest one). If not by the mountain, take the Pöllatschlucht instead of the standard route.


As it is one of the major highlights of Bavaria, if not of the world, we went there several times (and encourage everybody to go).


While hiking the Bavarian Alps

From one of our hiking trips in the Alps on 1 November (2011).

This offers views of the castle from the Tegelberg. A view of this hike provided the panorama in top of our pages on this website for over two years.

With Lionel, Georges and Antoine

From Lionel and sons' visit of Bavaria on 14 April (2012).