The second biggest city in Colombia, that we visited from 10 November (2013) till 17 November (2013).


Fp.laussy.jpg We had little time for sightseeing (we did not visit the Botero museum nor the botanical garden with its famed orchids), but enough almuerzos to drink endless quantity of coffee and taste a large sample of local food, including the bandeja paisa that can make sick even the locals or the Mazamorra and Arepa that is more popular here than in Bogotá. After such rich stations at the table, a walk around would almost be compulsory to avoid heart failure. We rode the metro cable car over the underdeveloped barrios, that are quite a sight from above (a bit like God's peeking at the conditions of the sicks and poors) and ventured on the Plaza Botero at night as part of the conference tour. The most impressive sights remain of the mountains from the bottom of the Aburra valley.