This page is among our 'good articles'. It should/could be further expanded but we hope that it will still be useful in its present stage.Statistical Evaluation of Single Nano‐Object Fluorescence. M. Lippitz, F. Kulzer and M. Orrit in ChemPhysChem 6:770 (2005).  What the paper says?
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This is a nice and quite comprehensive review on the statistics of photon detections seen as point processes, but with an emphasis on blinking and the physics of single molecules (although also NV centers and QDs are treated). This includes $g^{(2)}$ but also photon counting. There is also an interesting overview of numerical methods (Section 2.5)

There are mentions of nonlinear filtering (to be further investigated).

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There is also a treatment of time-correlated single-photon counting, TCSPC:

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Some interesting quotes:

The experimentalist’s eye and brain are irreplaceable to qualitatively exploit time traces.
In single-molecule science, to paraphrase Heraclitus, one never steps twice into the same data stream.

Details of the text and the cited literature should be studied in more depth.